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Meet the Team

  Los Toro 

Los ToroWithout the help and guidance of Ximena, Bastian, Dayana, Cecia, Lucio, and Taro, pocoApoco would not exist.

Ximena Toro  Is La Jefa y La Reina de Valle la Dificultad. Her support and love is everything. From her daily warm bread and perfect mate, to her wisdom and guidance, I can't Imagine this project without her. 

Bastian Toro Is Ximena's son and a jack of all trades. Whatever you need or want he can do it. Bastian was the first person to help me over four years ago - cutting trees and pulling roots in the middle of winter. Since then, Bastian has had a hand in every step of the way. Don't let his age fool you, he is wise beyond his years and cooks a great asado.  

Dayana Toro — Is the eldest daughter and a steady presence of calm who also happens to bake the best desserts in the world.

Cecia Toro — Is the middle daughter and is always eager to help if she isn't riding horses or competing with her father at the local Rodeo.

Lucio Toro  Is Ximena's younger brother and is always on the move: herding cattle, building new fence lines, cutting timber, and running his own campo.

Dayra Toro  While she is only 4 years old, Drayda is the jefita and keeps everyone honest. 

Taro  is the maestro and while he calls me el jefe, I call him el jefe - and without his handiwork I would still be wet and in a tent.

The beauty of pocoApoco is the collection of individuals who all believe in the power of education and the truth in Patagonia. 



Jesse Lee (Santi)

Founder and Co-Director

Jesse Lee was born and raised in Ames, Iowa, played college basketball at Yale University and  got his Masters in the science of education from the University of Pennsylvania. Since 2016 Jesse has lived and worked  in Santiago, Chile. As a teacher, he has nine years of experience in high school literature and student leadership. Similarly, Jesse has nearly a decade of experience in outdoor education with students of all ages. Specifically, he designed and launched pocoApoco’s first summer camp in 2023. Jesse Lee has his first responders license, is certified in CPR and has his mountaineering certificate from the Chilean Special Forces.  His love for the outdoors has brought him to Futaleufu, Patagonia, while his love for teaching is what has inspired him to begin building pocoApoco in order to share his passion with the students of Nido de Aguilas. Jesse Lee’s two life missions are to inspire the next generation and to help protect Patagonia. 


Tomas Sanchez


Tomas was raised in the United States until he was 9 years old. Alumni of Nido de Aguilas, studied Commercial Engineering in Universidad Andres Bello and did a masters in International Management in Marseille, France. Has done multiple excursions in multiple national parks in Chile and Ecuador. Tomas is first responder certified and CPR certified and mountaineering certified through the Chilean special forces. Tomas also has in field experience including a 10 day excursion covering more than 80km in the Andes mountains. Tomas, in a few words describes himself as an adventurer and natural leader. Tomas also has his license in sailing with experience in knots, aficionado of bushcraft and survival. Overall, Tomas is in charge of logistics and safety during the travels, as well as operations on base camp.

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