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Summer Camp 2024 News & Information

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Session 1: January 5th, 2024 — January 19th 

Session 2: January 21st, 2024 — February 5th

What is it? This 15 day camp is rooted in the belief that working and living together in nature (a wifi-free world) will encourage individuals to reconnect with themselves. Though this feeling may at first feel isolating, reconnecting with ourselves on an emotional and physical level will encourage a natural curiosity towards  our three guiding questions: Who am I? What do I need? How much is enough? In the pursuit of answering these questions the student will begin to rebuild or further develop a healthy relationship between themselves and the natural world.


Purpose: Beyond the self, the team will be a support group that works together to build a sustainable and unified camp. Specifically, campers will be asked to cook and clean, work and build; not only with their hands, but with their minds and hearts as well.


Activities: There will be a variety of daily challenges (structured and unstructured) that students must confront, embrace and solve with resilience, communication, intelligence, creativity and grit. Some of these challenges will be individual, and others will require collaboration.


Goal: With time and practice, students will develop the necessary tools to recognize and overcome challenges to the point where they see them as opportunities of growth. This 15 day camp is only the beginning of a lifelong journey in which we push ourselves daily to discover and derive our own understanding of purpose and meaning.

Cost: $1.550.000CLP will cover all of the following: The cost of food, lodging, activities, instruction and supervision, professional guides for rafting, horseback riding, fishing, mountain biking, kayaking, climbing, and other outdoor activities will be offered as activities for students to enjoy.

  • Each student is responsible for paying for their own transportation. Roughly 300.000CLP

  • Cost of LATAM  flights will vary, a round trip will cost around $150.000 pesos

  • $140.000 pesos will cover AEROCORD round trip flight (Puerto Montt - Chaitén)

Please remember to transfer the money before November 15th

  •  Un Gran Adventure

    • ​​Students will choose between three incredible trips. (La Cordillera, Lago Espolón or Río Azul)

  • Rafting Río Futaleufú.  

    • Considered by many to be the greatest white-water rafting river in the world, this trip will be something everyone will remember for the rest of their lives. With a combination of class III, IV and class V rapids, this adventure will test everyone’s physical and mental strength — as well as bringing the group together through shared experiences and challenges.  

  • Horseback Riding Valle La Dificultad 

    • Led by the local Jefa of the valley, Ximena Toro, students and counselors will get to see a Condor’s view of our stunning valley. This 5 hour round trip is a must and a great way to meet the locals… including the animals we see everyday. 

  • Trekking to Laguna Toro 

    • One of the most stunning places in Futaleufu, this 6 hour round trip hike will bring students in contact with glaciers, lagunas, native Patagonia forests, and much more. 

  • Trekking to Cascada Coco

    • This 4.5 hour round trip begins in our front yard and takes us directly behind the pocoApoco basecamp to a magical and pristine waterfall. Students will be able to enjoy some of the purest water while swimming and enjoying a hidden gem amongst locals. 

  • Fly Fishing on the Futaleufú 

    • A new addition to this year’s camp, we will offer fly-fishing classes with local guides. This will provide more time on the Futaleufú river while also teaching new skills. As the saying goes, “Give a man a fish… Teach a man to fish.” 

  • A Day Trip to Futaleufú 

    • At the halfway point of our trip we will head into town for wifi, shopping and local pizza! Students will also get to learn about the original settlers, see laguna espejo and enjoy a quick hike to see a bird’s eye view of pueblo Futaleufú. 

  • Bailing Hay 

    • One of the more challenging tasks, students will be asked to help the neighbors throw  hay bales. Considered a right of passage, bailing hay will push individuals to their mental and physical limits. 

  • Patagonian Asado 

    • Together with the Toro Family, we will enjoy a chilean asado with lamb, papas, salad, sopapillas and more. With amazing food and great people, we will celebrate the summer in style. 

  • Construction and building 

    • All students will have the opportunity to build structures, learn the basics of construction, and complete a variety of projects around our campus.

  • Cooking 

    • All students will have the chance to work on their culinary skills. Everyday 3 students ​will be on the "cook team" as they work together for lunch and dinner to prepare the best meal(s) possible. Students will have the guidance of a counselor, but the goal is that students take the lead in learning how to plan, prep, cook and clean up after themselves.




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