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   pocoApoco         Futaleufú  

​       Summer Camp 2025

  • Overview: Summer camp is rooted in the idea that working, playing and living together in nature will encourage individuals to reconnect with themselves; and beyond the self, the team will be a support group that works together to build a sustainable and unified camp.

  • Duration: 12 action packed days 

    • 1st session: January 3rd - 13th (9th & 10th Grade) 

    • 2nd session: January 16th - 27th (11 & 12th Grade)

    • 3rd session: January 30th - February 10th (11th & 12 Grade)

  • Where Basecamp is 30km outside Futaleufú, Patagonia 

  • Transportation: 2 planes and 2 busses (12+ hour trip)

  • Cost: 2.000.000CLP - Joining both sessions is 3.550.000CLP (450.000CLP discount)


Our dream at pocoApoco is to create a ripple effect of awareness, growth and harmony between the individual and the natural world.


Together and united with the local communities, the Futaleufú river and the Patagonian forest, we will ground our intentions in kindness and direct our actions in service as we work towards spiritual and physical sustainability.

We offer a unique, immersive experience into Northern Patagonia — where students will learn practical life skills and gain valuable insights needed to excel in our rapidly changing world. 

We look forward to sharing our love of Patagonia with you.

"Quien se apura en la Patagonia pierde su tiempo...


"La vida sigue" 


Summer Camp Trailer 




Tel. +569-7486-1205


Instagram: pocoapoco_futa


1st Session: January 3rd - 13th 

2nd Session: January 16th - 27th 3rd Session Jan 30th - Feb 10th  

Application Required


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Thank you for some of the most incredible 2 weeks of my life. I went in not knowing what to expect and was nervous of having to camp and not knowing how to build. Not only did I learn how to nail into wood, chainsaw, and build a gate, but I also learned so much about myself and about living with others. I feel like I discovered things about myself and who I want to be that I wouldn’t have been able to discover if it wasn’t for having been disconnected, tired, and watching everyone work on something that we were passionate about. You passed your passion and excitement for what we could and would do and it made it easy to call the campground my home for 2 weeks. 

Ale S. - camper '23

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